Hiring Addie was the BEST decision we made when planning our wedding.  She is amazing and I could not have done this without her.  I used to plan events for a living so I know how much is involved in planning/coordinating an event like a wedding (that's why I hired a planner).  She exceeded all of my expectations and more!  She was on top of EVERYTHING.  My friends commented on how relaxed I was leading up to the wedding.  I had unlimited contact with her and she always responded in a timely manner.  She provided advice when asked and always laid out my options clearly.  She also managed the challenges at our venue so that I would not have to stress about them.  I cannot explain enough, how much Addie contributed to making my big day wonderful and worry-free.  Not only is she incredibly competent in her job (she has 1000 solutions up her sleeve for any occurrence), but she was also a pleasure to work with on a weekly basis.  I felt as if I was talking to a friend whenever we were discussing details.  She was 100% worth the investment to make our day as wonderful as it could be!


Christina J. May 30, 2021

Addie was AMAZING! Hands down the best decision we made when wedding planning was to work with Addie. She took our wedding to the next level with little touches and attention to detail. "Be a guest at your own event" is no joke, when I walked into my reception I could not believe how she (and a team of Moms and other vendors) had transformed the space. I'm sure there was some madness going on the day of our wedding but neither my husband nor I felt any of it...we were able to truly enjoy the day and spend quality time with our bridesmaids and groomsmen. I really can't say enough good about Addie...we loved her as soon as we met her! She really knows her stuff and worked very well with all of our other vendors. Addie has lots of great ideas and important questions for our vendors I never would have thought of. She is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend working with her 1,000 times!


Laura C. May 5th, 2019

Addie was fabulous! One of the best decisions we made was hiring Addie as our month of coordinator. She took a lot of the stress away. She contacted all of our vendors and put together a very detailed itinerary for all the vendors to follow and know when and where to be. She offered many helpful suggestions to help things run smoothly. We ran into some surprise bumps in the road with my husbands family during rehearsal and she handled them like a charm to keep everyone happy. I couldn't imagine having done everything without her. I would recommend Addie to any future brides. She helped to make my day the fairy tale I dreamed of! It was perfect!!

Regina S. January 12th, 2019


Addie was outstanding as our rock during our wedding and all the time leading up to the wedding. Despite only paying for her services for the day of the wedding, she met with us and by myself beforehand, and was constantly in contact, ensuring that we did not forget anything,and providing advice when requested. She had wonderful ideas, most of all, the shoe game that my guests loved, as well as convincing us to have our ceremony at a different location than where we intended at our venue. It turned out to have better photos and was so beautiful with the sunny weather and trees behind us. Our family and friends fell in love with Addie whose fun personality made the whole wedding planning process enjoyable and not crazy like I expected. She is worth every penny and I recommend snatching her as soon as you can for your wedding! Thank you Addie for making our wedding day smooth and absolutely beautiful for us.

Meghan H. June 8th, 2018

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